Ashley Baker

Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park

Ashley Baker is a 2 year AmeriCorps volunteer with an Associates Degree in Human Services, a background in mediation and a passion for Lyme Disease awareness and music. After falling ill in 2019 and becoming bedridden, Ashley was misdiagnosed for months until she was finally diagnosed with stage 3 neurological Lyme disease and co- infections. Ashley is now a pioneer in changing the way tick borne diseases are viewed by educating and engaging with the public through music, support groups, and film. Outside of volunteerism and community work, Ashley is an aspiring artist, entrepreneur and actress who enjoys writing and recording music, performing at shows up and down the east coast, and helping other indie artists develop their skills with C.K.G. Entertainment LLC. She wants to help as many people have access to resources that enhance their individual lives, which in the long run changes families, communities, and eventually the world!