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Carlos Reynoso-Reyes

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

September 2022

When Carlos made landfall in Laguna Beach, California, his love for the environment quickly became second nature. After departing from the coast, Carlos found his new home in the Southwestern desert of Nevada. He earned his Associate of Arts Degree from the College of Southern Nevada and is now pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences: Conservation and Ecology at Arizona State University. In his spare time, Carlos loves to travel when there is opportunity to! As an aspiring world traveler, Carlos seeks to embrace each breathtaking view from the many different corners of the Earth. Aside from his personal interest, Carlos makes a collaborative effort to serve his community. Carlos co-manages a Food Disposal and Waste Recycling Program at his previous place of employment in the grocery business. This program appropriately disposes of and donates left over food scraps, cosmetically unwanted products, and other perishable items gained from the Produce Department of the store. He likes to reach his weekly goal of two trips per week in order to bring some benefit to animal organizations such as “You Gotta Love Em’” Bird Sanctuary. Carlos is excited for this new opportunity to serve his community in a greater manner!

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