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Carrie Schmitt

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

February 2022

Carrie grew up in a small town near Dayton, Ohio and loved the outdoors from a young age. Her interest
in science and the environment led her to The University of Alabama where she graduated in 2019 with
a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science with a concentration in Natural Resources and
Ecosystem Conservation. While attending UA, she had the opportunity to work for the National
Ecological Observatory Network conducing field work and collecting valuable data. After graduating,
she moved with her family to Knoxville, Tennessee and realized a dream of working at Great Smoky
Mountains National Park. Carrie grew up visiting GSMNP, and this area played a pivotal role in her
passion for protecting natural and cultural resources for future generations. She first started as an
intern through American Conservation Experience (ACE) and while in that role learned about the
Community Volunteer Ambassador (CVA) Program. She will begin her role as Great Smoky Mountains
CVA with a goal of engaging the local community which plays a vital part in supporting America’s most
visited National Park. She is excited to extend community outreach efforts to help grow the connection
between people and park.

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