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Chloe Fields

Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park

February 2022

Hello, my name is Chloe Fields, I am originally from Northern California, but have been living in
Montana for about 10 years. I recently moved to Johnson City, Texas to be the 2022-2023 CVA for the
Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park. I am currently working to obtain my Bachelor's of Fine Art
degree as well as a Bachelor's of Science degree in Political Science from Montana State University
Billings. I am hoping to gain as much insight and knowledge into the world of the National Park Service
as well as to have the chance to organize creative and exciting volunteer events for the Lyndon B.
Johnson National Historical Park. I am very excited to be at this park as a Political Science student and
lover of history and to be able to share the stories and accomplishments of President Lyndon B.
Johnson and First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson, with the surrounding communities and the visiting public. I
hope to continue to learn more about the Texas Hill Country and the history of the Johnsons' during my
year here. When I return back to college next spring, I will be sharing my experiences during my time
here in Texas by developing and presenting my senior art exhibition.

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