Christopher Parrack

Manassas National Battlefield Park

Christopher is a 25-year-old Virginia resident, who has spent most of his life exploring history alongside his family. Christopher loves to say he has seen most major Civil War battlefields “East side of the Mississippi”. Born in Fort Stewart Ga, Christopher has lived up and down the East coast and with each move came new historic sites to visit and more history to learn. Christopher Attended Shepherd University from fall of 2013 to spring of 2017, receiving a Bachelor’s of Arts in Historic Preservation and Public History and minored in Environmental Science. In 2014, Christopher first became a volunteer with the National Park Service at Antietam National Battlefield. Though Antietam was his first time working with the National Park Service, it was the second park that made the most impact on his life. That park was Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. It was because of Harpers Ferry and a walk on Maryland Heights with his college science class that Christopher decided to begin volunteering and became a summer intern in 2016. During the internship he lived in the historic town and wore 1860s era clothing for an entire summer. It was these experiences, along with his early life, that his love of historical interpretation and preservation began to grow. Due to the internship, Christopher knew he wanted to be a park ranger from then on and his goal for the future is to get involved in the interpretation field. Christopher is excited to be the CVA for Manassas Battlefield and hopes that his social background and experience in historical interpretation will help him excel at his new position.