Hannah Clausman

Fire Island National Seashore

Hannah Clausman grew up in the artsy town of Bloomington, Indiana. Being raised a homeschooler and a sister of eight other siblings, she spent the majority of her childhood in the woods building forts, climbing trees and catching frogs. It was nature that sparked her interest more than anything else, but in addition, it might also have been an escape from her eight other siblings when she needed it! After receiving her GED, Hannah took two years at Ivy Tech Community College in Bloomington, then later transferred her credits to Indiana University to pursue a Bachelors in Outdoor Recreation. Throughout, her undergrad, she worked two jobs; serving at a local restaurant and working with Bloomington’s Park and Recreation Department as an event leader. After graduating in May of 2019, she took a seasonal summer job on a dude ranch in Wyoming as a wrangler, leading groups on horseback across the state’s breathtaking sensory. She taught guests about the cultural and natural history of the area, all while riding horses. After returning from the west she was unsure of what the next step would be until she heard about the CVA program from a friend. After applications and interviews she was overjoyed to accept her current position at Fire Island National Seashore! There she will be connecting communities and organizations to improve the overall stewardship and beauty of the island all the while pursuing her passion for nature and people.