Ian Kessler

Lava Beds National Monument / Tule Lake National

February 2022

Ian grew up in Bloomington, Indiana, and was introduced to the outdoor world at a very young age. His
family took many trips to local state parks and national parks while growing up, and it helped him fall in
love with public lands and what they do for people. He was also involved with scouting growing up as
well as other programs that involved getting kids outdoors. He graduated in 2019 from Indiana
University School of Public Health with a degree in Outdoor Recreation, Parks & Human Ecology as well
a certificate in Underwater Resource Management. Throughout college, He worked for the campus
recreational sports program with the aquatic’s division, the local Boy Scout council in numerous roles,
and IU’s Center for Underwater Science as a Divemaster, where he worked on projects involving aquatic
resources and instruction. In the summer of 2019, he moved to the Florida Keys to work as a Dive
Professional with the Boy Scouts of America, teaching participants how to scuba dive as well as
teaching about the cultural and natural history of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. He served
as a CVA at Big Thicket National Preserve in 2021 and is currently serving at Lava Beds National
Monument & Tule Lake Monument where he hope to reinvigorate the sites Volunteer-In-Parks program
while working with alongside NPS Staff and community partners.