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Mara Woollard

Mill Springs Battlefield National Monument

February 2022

I grew up in North Carolina, and I have been living in Virginia for the past 8 years. I double majored in
theater and history at Bates College in Maine, and worked for many years doing Living History at
different historic sites. I started my experience at Jamestown Settlement in Yorktown, VA, and moved
on to learn men's 18th century shoemaking at Colonial Williamsburg. I was able to actually learn the
craft and finish 2 pairs of slippers and a pair of dancing pumps while working there! One of my brothers
is a wildlife biologist and introduced me to the possibility of working in the park service. I have worked
3 years as a seasonal interpretive park ranger getting experience not only in programming but living
history, livestock care, black powder, cannons, muskets, and volunteer work. I am excited to start this
position because it really gives me the opportunity to dig deep into the volunteer and administrative
side of things so in my (hopefully permanent) future NPS career I will have a greater understanding of
the processes of the Park Service. I am also very excited to have a position at Mill Springs, due to the
fact that it is one of the newest parks added to the National Park system.

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