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Marisa Rempala

Indiana Dunes National Park

February 2022

Marisa Rempala hails from Michigan City, Indiana, and is extremely excited to be posted at Indiana
Dunes National Park! Marisa was already an avid hiker at the Indiana Dunes prior to landing this
position, so she's completely thrilled to deepen the connection between her hometown community and
the natural environment she loves. Marisa recently graduated from Purdue University with a business
degree in tourism management. Last fall, she completed an events and program coordinating internship
at the Gabis Arboretum, which is another one of Northwest Indiana's environmental gems.
In the future, Marisa wants to work for a nonprofit organization with a mission that she genuinely
believes in, preferably the National Park Service. In the meantime, you'll either find Marisa in the dunes,
curled up with a good book and her orange cat, or cooking something [hopefully] delicious.

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