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Mary Grace Larson

Glacier National Park

February 2022

Mary Grace Larson is a first-year CVA serving in Glacier National Park. She grew up exploring the public
lands in her home state of Minnesota, the greater Midwest, and National Parks across the country,
constantly climbing trees, skating, or skipping down trails. After getting involved in local volunteer
projects, she discovered a passion for conservation and environmental justice through community
engagement and education. She attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with majors in Political
Science and Spanish, and minors in Environmental Studies and Gender and Women’s Studies. Eager to
learn from other cultures and expand her worldview, she has spent time in 10 other countries and is
fluent in Spanish. Her experience working with Wisconsin environmental policy and various non-profit
organizations helped her build skills in leadership, volunteer management, and education. Then the
mountains started calling her out west! As a former NPS seasonal employee in Glacier, she’s looking
forward to more professional development opportunities and the chance to connect with others
working at NPS sites. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, swimming, traveling, dancing, growing plants,
yoga, all things related to snow and ice, and is a self-proclaimed bookworm. She’s grateful and excited
for the opportunity to support the VIP program, strengthen community partnerships, and serve Glacier
National Park.

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