Monserrat Pizarro

NPS Chesapeake Bay Office - Diversity, Interpretation, Communication, and Education

Monserrat is a Chilean transplant living in Prince George's County, Maryland. She has always had a passion for engaging with her community and the outdoors. In her free time she enjoys hiking, kayaking, spending time in her hammock with her friends and dogs, practicing yoga and painting. Monserrat graduated with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Agricultural Science and Technology, with a minor in Sustainability from the University of Maryland, College Park. She has a history of volunteering at local, low-income elementary schools through ESOL nights, Career Days, doing translations, and generally engaging with youth. She spent time raising awareness about the loss in population of Maryland's state pollinator, the Baltimore Checkerspot butterfly, by creating games for all ages and engaging people at the University's Farmer's Market. Although most of Monserrat's previous experiences are surrounding food insecurity and production, she has been able to explore the intersectionality between food availability and production, environmental health and socioeconomic backgrounds. Now, as the Community Volunteer Ambassador at the Chesapeake Bay Office, she is excited to collaborate with other CVAs in the Northeast and Capital Regions, help create lasting relationships with underserved Latinx communities along the Chesapeake Bay's watershed (which expands over 6 states and Washington, DC!), lift up youth's voices, encourage environmental conservation and stewardship, and to help everyone find their unique Chesapeake experience.