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Olivia Paul

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park

February 2022

Olivia is from the Cumberland Gap area originally but has lived in North Georgia for the past serval
years following her graduation from Toccoa Falls College. She has worked at several troubled teen
wilderness programs as well as in residential foster care programs. She has most recently been
serving at a private wilderness retreat center. She has a deep desire to never stop learning and greatly
looks forward to serving as the Ambassador of the Volunteer Program at Cumberland Gap National
Historical Park. She is really looking forward to hands on learning in a new field, different from anything
she has done before. Some fun facts about Olivia are that she lives in a school bus she renovated
herself with a few of her rescued pets and they all love to garden. She hopes to have a fully self
sufficient homestead within the next five years. She also enjoys backpacking, mountain biking and
snorkeling. Olivia hopes to never give up on learning and perfecting new things while also encouraging
and teaching the people around her who may not otherwise have the opportunity.

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