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Quentin Bucker

Devils Tower National Monument

February 2022

Born in western Pennsylvania and raised in central Florida, Quentin has led a life lived outdoors. Before
graduating high school, he began working with a local non-profit with a focus on helping kids from the
community to become interested and engaged in outdoor recreation and team sports. Around this
same time, Quentin became passionate about issues concerning public land and public water. While
working several years as a kayaking guide, it became his personal mission to help underrepresented
people find opportunities to have quality experiences outdoors and to educate the public on the issues
facing the landscape and the wildlife that called it home.
Quentin began working for the National Park Service as a Park Guide at Jewel Cave National Monument
and has enjoyed working in a variety of roles in the Park Service since, most recently at Devils Tower
National Monument as the Lead Seasonal Interpretive Ranger. Now as a CVA at Devils Tower, Quentin
is excited to continue building connections and friendships with members of the community, providing
service to the Monument, and helping groups of volunteers to build a connection with Devils Tower and
the outdoors at large.

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