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Richard Biggio-Gottschlich

Ste Genevieve National Historical Park

September 2022

Richard is a live long scouter who proudly galivants thought the wilderness and city alike in search of joy and wonder. Bringing the best elements of positivity to radiate into the situation at hand. Scouting taught the value of hard work and perseverance as he journey and work in the Boundary water of Ely MN, at Northern Tier. Planning out his Eagle Project for the benefit of his local Veterans of Foreign Wars post.

Educated at Lake Forest College in Lake Forest IL for fours year in Political science with duel minors in Environmental studies and History. He would often be supporting the electrical Lighting of the college theater and an active member and leader of numerous clubs on campus. Refoundng the Model United nations team and organizing the Garrick Players after a leadership vacuum.

Adventure has brought him from the plains and parks of South Dakota, The waters of the boundary waters and the Mongolian Steppe in many life changing adventures. Mongolia was travel that educated and immersed into the world beyond my own. Learning by doing in the field facing barriers of communication and yet the universal experiences of humanity. Seeing traditional culture, industrial efforts and living with a local herding family to wrestle their sheep on the Steppe. The study aboard was 4 months and covered topics of International relations, Environmentalism and Nomadism with the School for International Training. Some day he hopes to be able to go back.

A love of land and adventure drives him to make a meaningful life. He isn't always sure what that means. But Who is? So where shall this take him. One Day at a time.

Fun facts: The coldest I have slept outside without a tent is -27 F in Ely, MN and existed down to -60 in Mongolia and Ely.

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