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Stephanie Lamb

National Capital Area, Invasive Plant Management Team

February 2022

Stephanie is excited to be joining the National Capital Area Invasive Plant Management Team as their
Community Volunteer Ambassador. Born and raised in Southern Maryland, she is passionate about
herpetology, community outreach, sustainability, conservation, restoration, education, and wildlife and
wetland biology. She graduated from Salisbury University in 2013 with a BS in Biology with a Pre-
Veterinarian Concentration, and in 2018 a MS in Applied Biology. Her thesis focused on determining the
population demographics and genetic structure of an endangered species, the Spotted Turtle, Clemmys
guttata, on the Delmarva Peninsula.
Her passion for connecting the community with nature ignited when she participated in a citizen
science project (the Maryland Amphibian and Reptile Atlas) and studied ecotourism on a study abroad
trip to Costa Rica. She witnessed, first-hand, how important it is to tie the community (with inclusivity
of demographics and age groups) into programs as it helps fulfill a mission, create more opportunities,
and ignite curiosity in our youth. This drive for creating educational and volunteer projects continued to
grow as she worked for Patapsco Valley State Park and Janes Island State Park as a Seasonal
Naturalist and Park Ranger. At these locations she created and conducted various educational and
interpretive programs, public outreach opportunities, volunteer projects, and native pollinator gardens.
She continues to work with the community as a Naturalist, Archery Instructor, Preschool and Youth
Instructor, Camp Director, and Recreation Specialist for Frederick County in Maryland. Overall, through
her personal programs people, especially youth, have developed more interest in the history and flora
and fauna of Maryland, wanting to become Naturalists themselves, plant native gardens, and/or started
to create their own projects within their community. She hopes to continue this positive public
engagement through her CVA work.
In her free time, Stephanie enjoys planting native pollinator gardens, traveling, hiking, herping, birding,
watching movies and TV, and spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys coming home
to her loyal 20 year old cat.

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