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Will Kaselow

National Parks of Boston

February 2022

Will Kaselow is the 2022 CVA at the National Parks of Boston and will be working to build and
strengthen the opportunities of the park’s volunteer base. Will grew up in New Jersey and with the
support of the birding community there, eventually took a passion for wildlife to the University of
Delaware where they majored in Wildlife Conservation and Ecology, and to research positions from
Alaska’s North Slope to the forests and fields of Puerto Rico. Imbued with a sense of obligation to
advocate for the flora and fauna that had enriched their life and given them so many opportunities, Will
redirected their focus from research to education and outreach starting in 2019 with an AmeriCorps
position as a Naturalist Educator with the Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation in Reno, Nevada. From
there they returned to the east coast to continue expanding into the world of environmental education.
Now in Boston, Will looks forward to learning from their many passionate partners and coworkers
while taking their experiences to the Harbor Islands and beyond. Will’s hobbies and interests include
cooking, rock climbing, native plant gardening, sketching, and poetry. They are excited to be living in an
urban center and hope to find a spot in some of the many scenes around Boston!

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