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Ethan Poulin

Grand Portage National Monument

February 2023

Ethan is originally from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada but resides in Grand Portage where he is the CVA. he graduated high school and went right into the work force, first working as a bank supervisor at a casino.
He hopes to gain experience working in a more nature oriented workspace. He has always held a deep fascination with nature and animals, watching every animal documentary there was in his younger years.
Being from Canada he is half Ojibwe and half Cree, he holds his indigenous status very high and is a very proud native man. He frequently attends any powwow he is able to, he sings at the drum and is thinking about starting to dance at them too.
He holds his family values and ancestry very high, he is proud of what he comes from and enjoys spending time with his family whenever he can.

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