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Hannah Marquez

Cabrillo National Monument

September 2023

Hannah (she/ella) takes pride in her hometown of San Diego, California, as well as in her Mexican roots. She graduated with a Bachelor's in History and a Minor in Anthropology from San Diego State University. After her internships with community resource centers, libraries, and more, Hannah found her passion in making education more accessible and inclusive for all. This is her second year as a CVA at Cabrillo National Monument, and she has deeply enjoyed her time working with its volunteers and community members. She's also gained an interest in habitat restoration and botany! In her free time, Hannah loves to read sci-fi novels, watch anime, and play D&D with her friends. Hannah has always spent a lot of time outdoors, thanks to San Diego's many beaches, parks, and nature reserves. Working as a CVA at Cabrillo—with its beautiful tide pools and ocean view—is a dream come true!

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