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Isi Schweiger

Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail

February 2023

Isi Schweiger (she/her/hers) is the CVA for the Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail and primarily works at the trail’s headquarters in Jamestown, Virginia. Isi is originally from the Philadelphia area but also calls Bethany Beach, Delaware home. She recently graduated from the University of South Carolina where she studied Geography, Political Science, and Global Studies. In her free time, Isi enjoys traveling, reading, hiking, and any activity that brings her close to water. The CVA program is Isi’s first introduction to the National Park Service and she is looking forward to connecting with people who share her passion for conservation and public lands. Isi is thrilled to be working closely with Chesapeake Trail staff to grow the trail’s volunteer program and develop interpretive programming for Werowocomoco while learning about the trail’s expansive ecosystem and rich history.

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