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Jessica Behrman

Reconstruction Era National Historic Park

September 2023

Jessica Behrman
The Reconstruction Era National Historical Park

Jess was born and raised in the northeast corner of Indiana, minutes from the Ohio and Michigan state lines. Growing up in the county of 101 lakes she found her passion for the outdoors - always forgetting her shoes, catching freshwater jellyfish, and harvesting food. In May of 2020, Jess graduated from Albion College with a degree in Biology and Environmental Studies, with a minor in English. Since 2020, Jess has had a diverse work background including working in a State Park, a Water Quality Lab, and an Organic Food Manufacturer. She is excited to be starting as the Community Volunteer Ambassador at The Reconstruction Era National Historical Park this fall and is hoping she'll love salt water as much as freshwater. In her free time, Jess loves to hike and try new foods; she is also always ready for an adventure and anything that includes rocks or poetry. If you're in need of a new recipe, a book recommendation, or last minute travel buddy you can find Jess and her latest exploration on Instagram @jess_bsawyer.

(Basic Bio Info: Jessica Behrman - Fremont, IN - Albion College 2020 BA Biology and Environmental Studies)

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