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Juan Pablo Esparza Limón

Dinosaur National Monument

September 2023

Juan Pablo will serve the Dinosaur National Monument communities for a second year as a returning Community Volunteer Ambassador! From helping night sky volunteers set up telescopes to maneuvering the white-water rapids of the Green River with volunteer raft operators, Juan Pablo has enjoyed teaming up with a diverse group of volunteers and contributing towards the National Park Service mission.

His adventures in the great outdoors inspire him to invite others to create their own memorable memories. During his term, Juan Pablo hopes to extend the accessibility of the National Park Service to those who have not explored the park system. He also looks forward to collaborating with new and returning volunteers and developing enriching events for the community.

If you visit Dinosaur National Monument, he recommends hiking the Desert Voices Trail and visiting a night sky program at the Split Mountain Campground!

Originally from Dallas, Texas, he attended Southern Methodist University, majoring in Earth Sciences with a Specialization in Geology.

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