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Lupe Jacobson

National Parks of New York Harbor

September 2023

Hi everybody! Lupe, short for Guadalupe (though admittedly she is still working on her Spanish skills!), grew up mostly in the San Francisco Bay Area. She traveled to the East to study journalism and political science at Boston University. Lupe fell for the changing seasons and the people who call the East Coast home and has lived there ever since. She grew up backpacking West Coast Parks with her family and is grateful for the opportunity to learn the history and see the incredible sites on the other side of the country. National Parks of New York Harbor includes 12 National Parks all moving in their own way; Lupe is committed to and excited to be bringing public interest and youth involvement to these parks in every way that she can. Lupe wants to spend these 50 weeks as a Community Volunteer Ambassador learning about the history of these places so that she may help inspire students to feel passionate about conserving and enjoying the National Parks too.

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