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Natalie Mudd

National Leader

February 2023

Natalie Mudd is originally from Canton, Ohio. She had graduated college from Bowling Green State
University in Ohio in May 2021 and moved to Florida 5 days after to live and work in the Everglades
National park. She graduated with Marine Biology and Ecology and Conservation majors as well as a
minor in General Science. She has had the opportunity to work within different branches of the parks
system since then; as a Naturalist with a concessionaire within the park as well as a Naturalist with the
Everglades Institute. She now holds a position as the CVA at Headquarters, Pine Island, in the
Everglades. She now hopes to gain experience in this branch of the park in hopes to gain more
experience and knowledge for her future. Natalie is a certified SCUBA diver, she was once the president
of the SCUBA club at her university, and loves to dive when given the chance. She has a passion for
conservation especially with pollution control and interest in invasive species. She likes to create art in
her free time as well, currently selling watercolor artworks of the Everglades. A main goal of hers is to
gain a position where she feels as if she is learning new things everyday while also making a positive
impact in the world, weather it be big or small.

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