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Nettie Radley

Channel Islands National Park

September 2023

Nettie is originally from Simi Valley, CA, which is only 45 minutes north of Los Angeles. She went to Moorpark College for two years and then moved to Utah to attend Weber State University. She got her Bachelor's degree in anthropology with an emphasis in archaeology and minored in communications. Nettie did archaeology field schools in Belize and Idaho and also had an archaeology job with Conservation Legacy on Cumberland Island National Seashore Fall of 2022.

She never thought she would end up back in Southern California, but somehow she ended up with an opportunity 45 minutes near her hometown at Channel Islands National Park. Her love for the National Park Service (NPS) has grown over the years and she can not wait to explore the beautiful islands. The knowledge she is going to gain from this opportunity will help her pursue a career in the NPS. She is thrilled about all the new people she is going to meet, the experiences she will gain, and, hopefully, the clarity she will get on what career path she will want to take after this.

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