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Theresa Henckel

Valley Forge National Historical Park

February 2023

From Sussex, New Jersey, Theresa (she/her) is very excited for the opportunity to serve at Valley Forge National Historical Park. Ever since she was little, Theresa loved visiting parks, exploring outdoors, and learning about the natural world around her. Between high school and college, she had the opportunity to work as a seasonal employee with the NJ State Park Service which ultimately inspired her to pursue a career working with parks. She went to the University of Vermont to study Geography and Environmental Studies and earned a bachelor’s degree in 2020. She then went on to work as an Education Technician and Interpretive Ranger for a year and a half at Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. There, she discovered her passion for working with volunteers and learned about the CVA program! At Valley Forge, she will primarily be working with natural resource volunteers and Theresa is very excited to improve her plant and tree identification skills. In her free time, Theresa loves to hike, relax in a hammock, and crochet.

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