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Hollis Hatfield

De Soto National Memorial

September 2022

Hollis Hatfield is the CVA at De Soto National Memorial, which is located in Southwest Florida. She is a Raleigh, NC native, but she has previously worked in Florida conducting sea turtle field research and leading manatee kayaking tours. Due to this experience, she is knowledgeable about Florida’s ecosystem and thrilled to be back in the area, this time working with the National Park Service! She received her undergrad degree from Virginia Tech in Wildlife Conservation and then her master’s degree from University College Dublin in Wildlife Conservation and Management with a specialty in shore bird nesting. Before coming to De Soto National Memorial, she was working with AmeriCorps as a cave guide at Oregon Caves National Monument; this was her first introduction to the National Park Service. It was such a positive experience that it motivated her to become a CVA and gain more experience with NPS. She is excited to help with the volunteer program at De Soto and learn more about its rich history and ecosystem.

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