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Learn about the CVA Program Curriculum

Traditional CVA Cohort Model

The Community Volunteer Ambassador (CVA) program has been designed to support a cohort of young adults placed at National Park sites nationwide on a shared curriculum (continuum of learning) to meet program objectives.

The CVA Program Continuum of Learning focuses on developing CVA members skills across several competencies within each program objective through a series of trainings and resources.

To learn more, view the full CVA Continuum of Learning

CVA Climate Cohort

Beginning in 2024, the Community Volunteer Ambassador (CVA) program is excited to launch a specialized cohort of CVAs focused on supporting climate resiliency and education work at National Park sites.


The CVA Climate Cohort Is funded through the Inflation Reduction Act to address NPS Director Charles F. Sams’ goal to confront the climate crisis using science and traditional ecological knowledge.

The NPS strategy to respond to and mitigate climate-related vulnerabilities includes the use of:

●Traditional ecological knowledge

●Scientific research

●Technical support

●Sustainability efforts; and,

●Public education.

Learn more about the CVA Climate Cohort HERE.

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