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Antonio Lopez Adames

Buffalo National River

February 2023

Antonio is a volunteer from Puerto Rico working at the Buffalo National River National Park where he hopes to gain experience to work as a Park Ranger in the future. With a bachelors in environmental studies, this looks to be right up his alley. Ever since he visited Yosemite and Yellowstone as a young child, it changed something inside of him, he knew at that point that he wanted to work for the NPS to protect and cherish the country’s natural resources for all peoples to enjoy as he once did and possibly inspire the next generation of park rangers. He hopes to visit and work in as many parks as possible and get paid to do what he loves. While he likes to play video games and be an indoor cat, he also enjoys hikes and take a step back and enjoy what the outdoors has to offer, a perfect balance. During this term, he hopes to make connections with rangers and work both with the public as well as educating people on history and nature. He looks forward to help engage in community outreach and in informing visitors in the valuable and unique resources the park has to offer

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