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Celia Wusteney

Valley Forge National Historical Park

Winter 2024

Celia is a recent graduate of Villanova University, where she studied biology, sustainability, and psychology. Throughout her time at university, Valley Forge served as a nearby opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature. She is now excited to experience Valley Forge National Historical Park as a CVA!
Originally from Marshfield, Massachusetts, Celia grew up going to the beach almost daily, while also spending time exploring local forests. This foundation has led her on many adventures in the outdoors that have inspired her to pursue a career that will allow her to spread her passion for the natural world to others. As a CVA, Celia hopes to learn more about public lands while building new relationships with community members and organizations in the area. She is excited to have the opportunity to work at the intersection of natural resource management and visitor and community engagement; and plans to learn as much as she can while working as part of a great team!

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