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Joanna Harwood

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park

February 2023

Joanna grew up just south of Nashville, Tennessee. In 2019 she graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Animal Sciences. Although her studies at Auburn were agriculture-focused, Joanna became increasingly interested in conservation and the National Park Service after college. She served a 6-month Americorps term out West, where she and her crew worked on hiking trails and restoration projects throughout the state of California and enjoyed many outdoor adventures on their days off.

Joanna is excited to be serving as this year's CVA at Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, which stretches into three states (Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia)! She hopes to spend the year learning the ins-and-outs of the National Park Service, volunteer management, and public outreach, while also enjoying the scenic beauty and rich history of the Cumberland Gap. In her free time, Joanna enjoys exploring places "off the beaten path," trying new hiking trails, volunteering for river cleanups, drawing, reading, spending time with her family and pets, and playing the dulcimer.

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