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Levi Comer

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

Winter 2024

William (Levi) Comer is originally from Miami but has experienced living in various locations. Currently pursuing a degree in sustainability at Florida International University, Levi anticipates graduating either in the coming spring or summer of 2024. In October of 2023, Levi took the LSAT and is diligently preparing to apply to law school in the fall of 2024. With a keen interest in gaining knowledge in administration, Levi is hopeful that this program will contribute to his career pursuits.

Presently, Levi is serving at the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, located in an urban setting. He is excited about the unique interactions and partnerships that come with this environment, particularly eager to learn how supervisors navigate and interact within such contexts. Levi wants to use his Law degree to pursue "Corrective and Restorative justice" to help protect the Earths resources.

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