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Lynne Stone

Petersburg National Battlefield

Winter 2024

Lynne was born and raised in Worcester Massachusetts where she received her bachelor's degree in Geography from Worcester State University, and recently a master’s degree in Environmental Science and Policy from Clark University. During college Lynne worked as a paraprofessional at several public schools in special education where she helped students academically. She has interned at different non-profit organizations and attended scholarships regarding work she has done during her undergrad years.

Lynne has a strong interest in educating the public about climate change, including understanding adaptation and mitigation measures that may take place in a city or town. She focused her thesis at Worcester State on current adaptation measures in Boston, Massachusetts, and continued the theme in graduate school. Lynne furthered her research studying different adaptation methods in New York and Maryland, and how Boston can equip itself for impending sea level rise. Lynne was a guest lecturer at Clark University, where she compared adaptation measures in Boston to Cairns, Australia.

She hopes that with this opportunity she can connect with local people at the park and educate them about the current impacts of climate change on archeological sites at Petersburg National Battlefield.

In her free time, Lynne enjoys going on trails, photography, traveling and gaming.

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