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Pearse Meighan

National Parks of St. Croix (Christiansted NHS, Salt River Bay NHS & EP, Buck Island Reef National Monument)

Winter 2024

Pearse Meighan is the CVA for the 2024 Climate Cohort for the National Parks of St. Croix at Christiansted National Historic Site, Salt River Bay Historic Site and Ecological Preserve, and Buck Island Reef National Monument. Originally from Wisconsin, Pearse traveled the country and developed a vast array of life experiences and personal skills before returning to school and is currently seeking his undergraduate degree with a major in Environmental Education and Interpretation and a minor in Museum Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point College of Natural Resources. Last year he worked for the National Park Service doing living history and historic weapons at Gulf Islands National Seashore, this year he hopes to gain the raw experience necessary for a career in the Park Service and learn what it truly means to be a public servant. He enjoys restoring vintage motorcycles, reading, road trips, camping, dog sledding, historical research, and of course--setting off into the great unknown.

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