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Sarah Dutton

Gulf Islands National Seashore

Winter 2024

Sarah(she/they) is originally from the MS Gulf Coast and her bachelor’s degree is in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Photography, Journalism, and Psychology. Although she initially pursued art therapy and found herself doing more creative and communications work, the common thread that followed all her experiences was her passion for nature, culture, and education. As an avid relational health advocate and believer in collective social responsibility, they believe in meeting folks halfway. After navigating various organizational structures, Sarah knows the value in institutions operating in a way the doesn’t merely say, “All are welcome,” but rather, “We made this with you in mind.” This awareness and practice allow them to prioritize showing up as a steward of environmental, social, and cultural issues both professionally and personally. More specifically, after being a park ranger last summer for Gulf Islands National Seashore(GUIS), she is excited to return as GUIS’s CVA to expand on this in an administrative role and learn more about the park, NPS, communities at large, and herself. A main goal of hers is to find a position where she feels like she belongs, is learning new things every day, and also making a positive impact in the world, whether it be big or small. With a strong passion for learning and development, she also hopes to be more confident in and seen as a positive role model and leader, especially for the youth like her niece and nephew. In their spare time, you can find them enjoying photography, gardening, reading, biking, traveling, or time with her niece and nephew.

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