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Thomas Rohrer

Roosevelt-Vanderbilt National Historical Sites

February 2023

Thomas Talbird Chiaviello Rohrer (though the nametag could only fit "Thomas Rohrer") is an anthropologist, with a Masters’ degree in the practice from The Ohio State University, and a great interest in the communication of science and history. His previous degree had been in Biology (a Bachelor of Arts) in New York University, but even then he had come to appreciate the depth and breadth of the human story as expressed in Anthropology.
This has led him to several experiences in interpretation and outreach, including with the National Parks Service. Thomas was one of the first volunteer Historic Interpreters with the Reconstruction-Era National Historical Park (back when it was still designated as a National Monument!), and since then he had considered the NPS an ideal place to learn and teach science and history.
This has led him to the Roosevelt-Vanderbilt National Historical Sites, situated in the Hudson River Valley area of New York State. Here, he hopes to be of excellent service as a Community Volunteer Ambassador over the next year, as well as connect with further resources into scientific and historical communication - both in the Hudson River Valley, and potentially back in New York City.

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