Strengthen the Bonds between Communities and Parks. 

The National Park Service's Community Volunteer Ambassador Program Celebrates its 6th year!

Stewards Individual Placements is excited to enter the fourth year of a unique partnership model to facilitate the Community Volunteer Ambassador Program (CVA) for the National Park Service. The CVA program combines the strength of a national leader in conservation service with the National Park Service in order to train a diverse group of emerging leaders to assist park units in building lasting connections to local communities. Over sixty young professionals will serve as CVA members for 50 week terms at NPS sites across the country from Saipan to Florida, starting on February 8th, 2021. Ambassadors will serve under the guidance and mentorship of the Service’s Interpretation, Education and Volunteers Directorate, but will be directly supervised by a designated NPS site supervisor at the site where they will be stationed.

“The scope of this program is really significant. Ambassadors will focus on a number of core objectives, including building enduring relationships with local communities, increasing the number of volunteers who serve at the park, helping to improve disaster response processes in regard to volunteer mobilization, and helping to organize community stewardship days. A key effort in achieving success will be to diversify the volunteer pool, engage under-served members of the community, and engage veterans and military families in meaningful volunteer projects.”

- Lenny Teh, former NPS Service-wide Volunteer Program Manager

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Types of Service

We have multiple opportunities for you to get involved with the Community Volunteer Ambassador Program. More details will be coming out soon! 

The CVA Scene

View our nation's parks from the perspective of its Community Volunteer Ambassadors and volunteers in our nations parks!

CVA Blog

Read into the experiences and projects that CVAs are taking on through a series of blog posts, written by CVAs!